Health & Beauty, Inside & Out

Health & Beauty, Inside & Out

Posted by Clientele Beauty on Apr 23rd 2023


Patricia Riley: A trailblazer in business, beauty, and health, awarded Best Holistic Life Magazine's Business Woman of the Year!   

Friday, March 24th 2023, 5:58 PM EDT

Patricia Riley has been named Best Holistic Life Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year in recognition of her outstanding contributions to business and science, and her achievements as an expert in nutrition and skincare innovation.

The award celebrates trailblazing women in business. Patricia is currently gracing the cover of the magazine’s April 2023 issue and also wrote an article on “Health & Beauty, Inside & Out”. Her dedication to helping women and men achieve healthy longevity has been her passion for 45 years.

The inspirational “Business Woman of the Year” has collaborated with top Doctors and Nobel Prize-winning scientists for decades. She has advised countless celebrities and millions of people in the importance of optimizing nutrition and skin care, an approach she pioneered in 1982.

Guided by her dedication to excellence, Patricia spent seven years dazzling audiences on QVC and serving on the boards of QVC, Stiefel Laboratories, and Northwood University.

Her business and science contributions earned her an Honorary Doctorate from Northwood University, on top of her Food Chemistry degree.

Patricia is a recognized expert in nutrition and skincare innovations, with several patents under her belt. She began in the skin care industry in 1979, after working with the highly respected Dermatologist, Dr. Victor Witten. Her Clientele line was the first cruelty-free skincare and was introduced in Neiman Marcus.

This cemented her reputation as a lover of animals, a stand she’s held to this day. Now serving as CEO and Founder of Clientele Beauty and MDR, Patricia and her team of researchers continue to develop cutting edge health and skin care formulations to keep us youthful and healthy.

Patricia Riley is a shining example of what an unwavering dedication to excellence can achieve. She is a role model for women in business. We congratulate Patricia as Best Holistic Life Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year.

Read all about Patricia’s take on “Health & Beauty, Inside & Out” in the April issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine. (excerpt below)


Health & Beauty, Inside & Out

Each day our body is working 24/7 to keep us healthy. There’s a lot to do: Defense. Repair. Renewal. All this requires energy and nutrients to keep our cells functioning well. It becomes harder when we get older. We become more vulnerable, as the aging process slows metabolic function and our immune defenses decline.

What can we do today to strengthen our immunity? How do we slow down the aging process? How can we stay mentally sharp, physically fit, healthy, and youthful well into old age?

These are the questions that have driven me and led to fascinating collaborations with many experts, from Nobel-Prize winning scientists to researchers dedicated to finding ways to promote public health and slow down the aging process.

Hello! My name is Patricia Riley, Founder of Clientele Beauty and MDR Fitness Corp.

When I was 18, my grandfather was diagnosed with a deadly skin cancer. My family sought the expertise of a highly respected Dermatologist at the University of Miami, Dr. Victor Witten. We were so grateful when his skin care treatments and light therapy healed my grandfather! We started to use Dr. Witten’s beautifying skin care formulas that he had developed exclusively for his “clientele”. The results were beyond amazing!

I urged Dr. Witten to let me bring his revolutionary formulas to the public. He developed the first Oil-Free moisturizer, the first Daily Sunscreen, and the first legendary Facial Masque of its kind. Stiefel Laboratories, the international Dermatological research company, joined us and we launched the Clientele skin care line in Neiman Marcus in 1979. One of our first clients was the iconic singer, Dionne Warwick!

Over the years Clientele pioneered many “Firsts”, including Cruelty-Free skin care. In 1982, Clientele introduced “Beauty from the Inside Out”. Even Neiman Marcus focused a 2-page spread on Clientele in their famed Christmas catalog.

To keep the skin beautiful and youthful, you need to combine external skin care with internal supplementation! Topically and internally Clientele promotes radiant skin, lustrous hair, strong nails, and vibrant health.

Decades before others, Clientele introduced Antioxidants (like Superoxide Dismutase) to increase the skin’s defenses against free radical cell damage. Our formulas help slow “oxidative aging”, using many antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, E, Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Lycopene, Lutein, CoQ10 & more.

Nutrients and antioxidants applied topically, and supplied from within are a winning combination, proven by the test of time! Lots of celebrities, like the Academy Award winner Shirley Jones have used Clientele for decades. Now in her 80’s, she still has beautiful skin. We can always tell a Clientele Woman…. she looks years younger than their age! It’s always a thrill for me to meet our attractive and youthful “clientele”.

Over the years, we realized we should use our expertise to help women and men stay healthy and age well, by optimizing their nutritional intake. We set out to create the best, science-based nutritional formulas for healthy longevity. We assembled a team of Doctors and Scientists and started MDR Fitness Corp.

Under the direction of Dr. George Christakis, M.D., Chief of Nutrition and Public Health at UM, and former Chief of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, MDR developed the patented AM/PM Fitness Tabs, which were listed in the prestigious Physician’s Desk Reference Doctors used to recommend formulas to their patients.

People reported dramatic health benefits after taking MDR Fitness Tabs: More energy. Better focus. All-day stamina. Pilots felt more alert! Football players tackled stress better. Athletes achieved peak performance. Even legendary Singer & Film Star, Pat Boone volunteered to be our unpaid TV Spokesperson so he could share his amazing results!

Fast forward 35 years later, Pat is still very active, plays lots of tennis and golf and just released a new movie at age 88! Pat says, “I feel like I am 39! I am busier than ever and believe MDR Fitness Tabs, Stress Defense Tabs and VitalFactors are my Fountain of Youth!”

MDR VitalFactors goes beyond vitamins to replenish anti-aging factors that help restore youthful vitality, brain focus, and vibrant good health.

This age-defying effervescent drink supplies Antioxidants, Longevity Factors and AminoPeptides that help coax your body into releasing your own natural HGH (the youth hormone that declines with age). It’s vital for energy, stamina, muscles, immune defenses, brain focus, healthy hair, youthful skin and so much more.

Good nutrition is essential. Your ability to think, convert food into energy, fight viruses, and live a healthy life, all depend on the nutrients you get from the foods you eat and supplements. If you’re missing just one vitamin, it could affect the quality of your life. Why take a chance? Ever try to run your car on empty? You won’t get far. That why you should strive to eat a balanced diet, with 6-9 servings of REAL fruits and vegetables a day, and take a multi-vitamin like MDR Fitness Tabs.

With so many vitamins on the market, it can get confusing. You don’t want to mix and match the wrong supplements. At MDR we developed formulas that can be taken with MDR Fitness Tabs and VitalFactors for key concerns.

Here are a few:

DayCal supports strong bones/teeth with Calcium, Magnesium, Resveratrol and Vitamin K2 for heart health too! BioHA promotes joint comfort, flexibility and youthful skin, with Krill Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Heart Tabs supports cardiovascular wellness with CoQ10 and more. OnGuard boosts immune defenses with Maitake/Shitake mushrooms and Colostrum.

You simply cannot get the same level of these effective nutrients from your diet, yet they can make a dramatic difference! You can feel better, have more energy, and enjoy healthy aging!

Over the decades, I’ve witnessed the results in thousands of people, including dear family members, who lived over 95 years, most of their life in good health. Did good nutrition make a difference? I know it did.

One of my favorite clients is Frank McKinney. He has taken MDR vitamins for decades to maintain peak physical and mental performance. Frank is a best-selling author, business coach, world-class builder of luxury mansions, and founder of Caring House Project building 29 self-sustaining villages in the poorest country of Haiti. Frank is an ultra-marathoner, running the 135-mile Badwater Canyon in Death Valley 12 times. During the Pandemic, Frank released his 9th book “Aspire”. He traveled the country, spending time with thousands of people and visiting homeless shelters. He said MDR Fitness TabsVitalFactors and OnGuard kept him healthy with lots of stamina!

Imagine waking up motivated, feeling terrific and ready to face life’s challenges. Your health is priceless. Take care of it!

My goal has always been to help you look young, feel young and be young as long as possible, so you can enjoy your best life!

At MDR, we are happy to help you on your journey to healthy longevity and youthful aging. We invite you to call us at 1-800-637-8227 to find out what vitamins are best for you. Or, go to


Patricia Riley is a graduate of University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, and was given an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Northwood University for her achievements. She can be reached at