How Light Can Firm Your Skin!

How Light Can Firm Your Skin!

Posted by Clientele on Sep 20th 2019

We worry about sunlight causing photo-aging and wrinkles, but there are certain waves of light that can actually stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Our cells contain powerhouses called mitochondria that are able to create energy to fuel cellular activity required to make healthy new collagen and elastin.

Scientists at NASA discovered that certain waves of light can activate greater energy production.

Clientele used this technology to create the FirmaLight in the Gravity Control System. Here is how it works;

  • Skin layers absorb the LED (Photon) light waves which causes increased cellular activity (680 nm wavelength)
  • As cellular activity increases, collagen is stimulated and regeneration occurs
  • Gentle, non-invasive, low-current vibration massage is also present to help increase circulation.
  • Using the FirmaLight to massage in the Gravity Control Serum helps tone and firm the skin.

It’s a great way to use technology to reverse signs of aging and make our skin look younger.