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60 Dietary Supplements (30 Day Supply)
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Enjoy Firmer, More Radiant Skin & Nourish Your Joints for Greater Flexibility.

Elastology Nutrients contain glucosamine, shark cartilage, green tea, grapeseed and vitamin C to support collagen for firmer skin. 

At Clientele we are always improving our formulas to maximize your results. The latest formulation update now includes:

*SOD melon extract- to fight oxidative aging and promote youthful skin!

*Hyaluronic acid -to moisten and plump the skin from within. Just one molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water. HA is one reason a baby's skin looks so plump, moist and smooth. You may find your skin looks younger after you take Elastology Nutrients. HA helps improve circulation in the skin delivering powerful micro nutrients to nourish every cell.

*Boron-Fruitx-B-the highest quality Boron as found in fruits and veggies. Boron has been shown to support natural hormones in the body like testosterone, DHEA, and healthy metabolism. This will help promote firmer skin tone.  Plus Boron has been shown to promote joint comfort and reduce C-reactive protein so it helps fight inflammation and supports a healthy heart! 

Skin Beautifying Glucosamine-Glucosamine, derived from shellfish, improves your skin tone and youthful appearance!  A review of glucosamine in The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology suggested it improves skin hydration and decreases visible wrinkles. A study published in the Journal of Dermatologic Treatment showed a 34% reduction in visible fine lines and wrinkles in participants who ingested it.  You will look younger and feel younger too!

Glucosamine promotes glycosaminoglycan synthesis. This lubricates and nourishes the skin from within. Plus it has the benefit of supporting healthy joints for greater flexibility and ease of movement.  

Do you have stiff joints or back or knee pain? 

Your joints are covered with cartilage and synovial fluid that lubricate the joints as bones move. This fluid provides nutrients to the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) since there are no blood vessels in the area. As we age, the fluid deteriorates and the chondrocytes don't receive proper nourishment. This can lead to painful inflammation and joint damage.

Clientele Elastology Nutrients supplies building materials needed to nourish healthy chondrocytes including shark cartilage, a source of glycosaminoglycans that have already been metabolized into cartilage for dramatic benefits.

Antioxidants in the formula protect and preserve collagen and chondrocytes.

Green tea, grape seed, and curcumin help protect your collagen keeping it more youthful and your joint cartilage protecting it from oxidation that can cause inflammation, swelling and pain.

Clientele Nutrients also contains manganese to supplement to support collagen production and natural SOD enzyme levels in your body.

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD) - is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from "oxidative aging" and your joints from inflammation. When given to race horses, they feel better and recover faster. SOD is a natural enzyme derived from a long lived melon that stays fresh longer and resists normal decay. Clientele was the first company to use SOD in skin care in 1982 !

After taking Clientele Elastology Nutrients, you'll see your skin look firmer, more radiant and younger. Plus you will feel better, move easier, and enjoy better health!

Directions: Take one Elastology Nutrients after first meal of the day and another after the next.

Warning: Diabetics and persons allergic to shellfish should avoid taking this product unless otherwise directed by a physician.

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  • 5

    Posted by Mizel on Feb 10th 2022

    Lo comenze a utilizar y note la diferencia en mi piel crea luminosidad y humedad en mi piel

  • 5
    i love the way it makes me feel and my skin look

    Posted by Laura on Sep 21st 2020

    This is very good for my joints as i have noticed improvement in my yoga flexibility. My friend recommended it to improve the lines in my complexion and i have seen a big change. My neighbor thought i had a facelift so it must be working. I will keep taking it

  • 5
    My skin looks younger

    Posted by Kimberlie on Sep 21st 2020

    I noticed in 3 days after taking this formula my skin seemed smoother, with less visible eye wrinkles. I find it makes my skin look younger and after a month it seemed to fade some of my age spots. too.