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The Natural Path to Good Health & Longevity. Now with Resveratrol & SOD!

Living a long, healthy, life is everyone's goal. While exercise, diet, and stress management helps, sometimes even these factors aren't enough. We need extra help from specific nutrients not commonly found (or in sufficient quantities) in our daily diets. That's why MDR Longevity Antioxidants is so important. It combines the best of science and nature with over 25 antioxidant sources to positively impact your entire body from head to toe–supporting the health of your brain, eyes, skin, heart, immune system, joints, liver, and more.


What is Longevity Antioxidants?
Protecting against cell damage from free radicals is the road to living longer and healthier. Longevity Antioxidants combines many of the most cell-protective and healthful compounds available today. This advanced formula contains nutritional antioxidant powerhouses, such as Broccoli Sprouts for breast cell health; Green Tea Extract for immune health; Grape Seed Extract for heart health; Silymarin for liver health; and natural Carotenoids like Lycopene for prostate, heart, and skin health. But that's not all. MDR has taken Longevity Antioxidants to a whole new level with the addition of Extramel®, a special melon extract with very high concentrations of antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) combined with the new 'rejuvenation' compound Resveratrol.

The Latest Anti-Aging Discovery
Resveratrol is an age-defying breakthrough ingredient found in red wine from the skin of grapes and in small amounts in cocoa and mulberries. Scientists discovered that Resveratrol activates the longevity gene (Sirtuin 1) and mimics calorie restriction, the only proven way to extend healthy lifespan.

Ultra Pure Resveratrol
MDR searched for the best source of Resveratrol, and chose Resvida®, which is free of pesticides and made with a patented process that guarantees the purest, highest concentration of Resveratrol. This amazing antioxidant supports brain and cardiovascular health and promotes longevity.

SOD - The Superman of Antioxidants Linked to Lifespan
Superoxide Dismutase is a powerful antioxidant that works with Catalase to defend you against oxygen radicals-renegade particles that wreak havoc in your cells. At the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Richard Cutler found that longer-lived animals have higher levels of SOD in 20 species studied, suggesting that greater antioxidant defenses mean longer life spans. This correlates with Dr. Denham Harman's "Free Radical Theory of Aging" that says the aging process is in great part caused by the constant accumulation of damage caused by years of continual free radical damage to cells.

How Good Are Your Antioxidant Defenses?
Due to age, diet, and other factors, some of us have a deficiency of SOD and other antioxidant enzymes, which may be the cause of a multitude of health issues. The good news is that scientists have discovered that we can replenish enzymes and boost our supply of antioxidants.

Key Features of Extramel® SOD: 

melons4-large.jpgMDR supplies Extramel® SOD--derived from a natural cantaloupe ("super fruit") cultivated in France to withstand aging and stay fresher longer due to its higher concentrations of SOD (and other enzymes such as Catalase and Glutathione). The special delivery system ensures greater bioavailability for improved antioxidant defenses.

Fights Against the Effects of Stress!
Volunteers under physiological and psychological stress who took Extramel® SOD for 28 days showed significant improvements in cognitive function and quality of life, compared to those taking a placebo. This improvement was observed through various stress-related parameters such as irritability, sleep and focus disorders and weariness as well as through the behavior and social abilities of the subjects. The researchers concluded that Extramel has a stimulating effect, perceptible both at the cognitive and at the physical level.

SOD for Beauty and Brains!
Our skin has SOD in both the dermis and the epidermis, especially the fibroblasts (skin building cells). SOD helps protect these cells from free radical damage, so the skin stays smooth and healthy. It also helps protect the skin against free radicals produced by sunlight, a key factor in causing wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Along with the other antioxidants in the MDR Longevity Antioxidants formula, it works to increase your skin's defenses against environmental damage so your skin stays younger looking.

Extramel® is also a Natural Source of Nature's Most Potent Nutrients
With Extramel you benefit from many antioxidants that are naturally present in a specially cultivated melon. These are extremely important to your health and give you Mother Nature's powerful longevity factors, such as:

Catalase, the Super Antioxidant
The Catalase found in Extramel SOD behaves as a catalyst for the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into beneficial water and oxygen. It has one of the highest activity levels for all known enzymes (40,000,000 molecules/second).

Glutathione for Detoxification & DNA Protection
Glutathione, which is contained in Extramel® is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifies the harmful compounds in the brain and entire body. Every system in the body can be affected by your level of glutathione, especially the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and the lungs.

In addition to Catalase and Glutatione, Extramel® SOD contains naturally occurring Co-Q10 for heart health and energy production, plus Carotenoids for cell health!

Additional Nutrients Specifically for the Brain
One of the biggest concerns of aging is losing our mental edge. Scientists now believe that free radicals play a key role in reducing our sharpness as we age. The brain weighs about 2% of our total weight, yet it uses about 20% of the oxygen we breathe. That means lots of destructive free radicals are generated. Taking antioxidants are vital to protect the brain. The MDR formula offers multiple antioxidants and has also included several brain-specific antioxidant ingredients, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-acetylcysteine, and Vitamin E. One recent animal study showed that when aged brains were treated with these three nutrients, they 'nearly completely' protected the brain cells against peroxidative damage and impairment of neuronal functions.

Longevity Antioxidants Optimize your Health
Other key ingredients in the formula include the patented seed extract from the beautiful Lotus flower, known for its ability to resist aging and live 1288 years, and rich in a natural protein repair enzyme and antioxidants. It helps to promote younger looking skin, as do many of the ingredients in the formula.*

Some of the other ingredients in the formula to help support a healthy heart, radiant skin, a sharp mind, and overall health include:

  • Tumeric and Ginkgo Biloba for a clear, alert mind.
  • Bilberry to support brain function, memory, and vision.
  • Silymarin for liver health.
  • Broccoli Sprouts, a source of indole carbinol that helps detoxify harmful molecules, maintain cell integrity, and promote breast and prostate health.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids to support healthy circulation and immunity.
  • Co-Q10 to help support cardiovascular health and energy production.
  • Ginseng for stamina and energy.
  • Grape Seed & Grape Skin Extract for cardio support.
  • Olive Leaf for a healthy heart and immune system.

MDR Longevity Antioxidants is one of the most important formulas you can take for greater health and longevity. Take one tablet each day and feel the difference!