PomBerry Triple Defense


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After 3 years of research, MDR is proud to announce...
PomBerry Triple Defense

Now support optimum health of your:

pomberry-circle-wide2.jpg • Urinary Tract/Bladder
Immune System

PomBerry should be part of your daily regimen if you have heart issues, prostate or urinary tract challenges, or just want your immune system to be primed, your brain to be focused and sharper, and your skin to stay youthful!


Nature’s Antioxidants for Optimum Health!

Triple Defense

Beyond Ordinary Cranberry

Organic Canadian Cranberries plus French Cranberry Extract 

Each capsule provides 36 PACs, the clinically-proven level of cranberry antioxidants that make this formula ultra-powerful, to help defend your urinary tract from bacteria adhering and causing problems. Evidence shows this level may reduce the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), especially in women. 

Organic Canadian Cranberry Bog


Organic Austrian Elderberries are hand-picked when ripe and pasteurized for ultimate purity, preserving antioxidants that support good health. Research shows elderberries help immunity, prostate and urinary tract health, and more.

Organic Austrian Elderberries


Pomella® Pomegranate is a natural, patented extract standardized to deliver the most potent polyphenols/antioxidants to protect your health.

It has been shown in clinical studies to:

  • support probiotics that keep your gut healthy
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • keep skin youthful, brain focused, and urinary tract, prostate, and breasts healthy

It's also known to be a natural anti-inflammatory that supports immunity and healthy blood pressure.

A Powerhouse in your Anti-aging Arsenal

PomBerry protects cells from oxidative stress, glycation, collagen breakdown, and neuroinflammation–a pivotal factor implicated in the development of neurodegenerative decline with aging.

 Healthy Couple

With PomBerry, you will feel better and enjoy youthful health and vitality. Order now and feel the difference!