Treasure Chest of Beauty

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Get a Treasure Chest of Beauty and Save $200!
Get the Golden Silk Brocade Treasure Chest with a precious collection of Skin Beautifiers inside!


Estro-Lift Nourishing Oils
  • Patented Lotus-and precious oils relieve dry skin
  • Extra gentle eye makeup remover, and pre-cleanser
  • Provides line smoothing lubrication to wrinkle-prone areas
Estro-Lift Facial Wash & Exfoliation Sponge
  • Lathers away impurities with Botanicals, Lotus and Antioxidants
  • Gently exfoliates for a fresh, radiant complexion
Estro-Lift Intensive Serum (AM)
  • Hydrates dry skin in seconds with emollients
  • Boosts collagen and decreases visible wrinkles with Peptides
  • Plumps skin for a youthful look with HA
Estro-Lift Redensity Therapy (PM)
  • Improves resiliency and cushion for dry, fragile skin
  • Nourishes and redensifies skin with minerals like Zinc & Calcium
  • Restores age-prone skin for improved smoothness
Elastology Firming Eye Cream
  • Firming Eye Cream can help diminish the appearance of lines by the eyes, as it tones and firms the delicate eye area. It also helps re-hydrate and improve your skin tone. You will love how it works so fast to make you look younger!
Estro-Lift Restoracel
  • “SuperStar” Lotus anti-aging formula restores youthful looking skin
  • Awakens skin’s natural renewal for fresher skin
  • Smoothes away roughness and crepiness
  • Softens the appearance of lines for smoother skin
Clientele Holiday Red Lipstick
  • Top off your radiant skin and Pucker up with this gorgeous red shade!
Silk Jewelry Box
  • Handcrafted from golden silk brocade on century-old Chinese looms, enjoy its heritage and elegance.

Enjoy the timeless beauty and luxury of Clientele's patented Lotus-infused skincare. Get the Treasure Chest of Beauty by Clientele, a $369 value, for just $169, plus shipping.
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