Daily Nutrients and Stress Control Nutrients Combo


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A Complete Nutritional System for Good Health, Great Skin, Hair and Nails!

  • Advanced formula that targets skin, eyes, hair and nails
  • Supports immunity, brain function and cardiovascular health
  • Helps promote strong bones
  • Protects against oxidative aging
  • Free of Dyes, Sugars, Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, Corn, Soy and Dairy

Chances are you’re not getting all the nutrients you need from today’s diet. Clientele Doctors developed this advanced formula to supplement your diet with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for health and longevity. You get key nutrients that target skin, eyes, hair, and nails like: Vitamin A, Biotin, Lycopene and Lutein/Zeaxanthin. These special Carotenoids from the highest quality LycoRed® and FloraGlo® sources help boost skin’s antioxidant defenses against wrinkles caused by sun exposure and the environment.

Morning Nutrients start your day with B Vitamins so you will feel alert, energized and focused. This patented formula contains: Zinc and Selenium which supports a strong immune system; plus ChromeMate® (18 times more active than ordinary Chromium), and supports heart health and weight management.

Mineral Complex contains lots of Calcium for strong bones and a beautiful smile plus Magnesium for energy, and newly discovered Vitamin K-2 to protect heart and bone health.

Evening Nutrients with antioxidants help protect against “oxidative aging”, the same process that turns iron to rust! You will stay younger and healthier!

With Clientele Daily Nutrients you get the finest sources of nutrients you need for overall health, longevity and great skin, hair and nails! 

Stress Control Nutrients are the Perfect Supplement if You Lead a High Stress Lifestyle! 

  • Gives the nutrient boost you need during stressful times
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Wellness, energy and immune system protections
  • All natural, no synthetic dyes 

A special patented vitamin/mineral complex specifically developed to give you the nutrient boost you need during high-stress times. You need additional B Vitamins to support energy and Antioxidants because stress may increase production of free radicals (antioxidants help neutralize free radicals). 

Chronic stress has also been found to raise blood sugar levels, which can lead to diabetes and weight gain. Clientele has included a highly bioavailable, natural form of Chromium to help support healthy blood sugar levels, plus, other important nutrients like Vitamins C & E, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Beta Carotene and Copper for wellness, energy and immune system protection. If you are under constant stress it is vitally important to fortify your nutritional defenses. Like all Clientele formulas, the protective coating is based on natural plant fiber and is free of synthetic dye.


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  • 5
    Look and feel younger

    Posted by Laurie, Texas on Mar 31st 2021

    My Sister and I were on a cruise in the 80’s and stopped in Neiman Marcus, San Francisco. We started the Daily Nutrient vitamins that day and have been faithful ever since. We look and feel younger than our contemporaries. Laurie, Texas

  • 5
    Gives me lots of energy and stamina

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2020

    Helps me have energy all day long and stay sharp and focused.

  • 5
    Health and Longevity

    Posted by Ms. Quinn on Apr 21st 2020

    I have been taking the Daily Nutrients since 1980 when I first discovered them at Neiman Marcus. I am going to be 90 yrs old in February and I living life to the fullest thanks to the Clientele Daily Nutrients!

  • 5
    Vitality and zest

    Posted by Linda, PA on Apr 21st 2020

    Daily Nutrient Supplements are what you need for beautiful skin, hair, and nails. They give me energy and vitality and zest for life!!

  • 5
    Daily Nutrients for life

    Posted by Valerie, FL on Apr 21st 2020

    What I see is beautiful hair, skin, and nails as a result of taking Daily Nutrient Supplements for the last 10 years. I feel energized from taking these vitamins. I am 78 years old and feel a flowing in the aging process. I was off the vitamins for 4 months and saw everything reverse, ughhh. I am committed to DNS for life.

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Claudia on Apr 21st 2020

    I have taken these vitamins for more than 15 years, they give me energy, my skin and my nails and my hair are strong, sometimes I have changed to other brands (when I have to save money) but I return to Clientele because nothing compares to quality Of these vitamins, I am 49 years old but people say I look in my thirties. Thank you Clientele!

  • 5
    Beauty and vitality

    Posted by Maria, FL on Apr 21st 2020

    My hair, skin and nails look better than ever and Ive been taking these supplements for 15 years. My Doctor commented that I have shiny hair and vitality like a teenager and I am 57 years!

  • 5
    My skin, hair and nails are looking good!

    Posted by Mina, CA on Apr 21st 2020

    took this formula to be healthy and then found my nails and hair grew faster and stronger. I found my skin was looking better. You should call this a beauty vitamin. Besides keeping me healthy and energized, it is keeping me looking good. Over the years I hope it will keep me younger too. There is no doubt in my mind that nutrition is important for total health and beauty. Your product proves it.